About RAP Studios

The SABC Creative Studio is a hub of language production and creative media arts. Here, we download client marketing briefs; we reflect on their needs and mirror them against the desires and preferences of our audiences, then we ideate and produce the best possible creative solutions that lead to sales. We have a staff complement of creative writers, sound engineers, producers, and coordinators. At the SABC Rap Studios, we write and produce adverts for radio, tv and digital media. We conceptualize through-the-line campaigns for SABC Sales. We interpret and translate adverts to fit the needs of our African language stations, and we audition voice-over talent to refresh the pool of voice over actors for the SABC. Some of our clients are listed below:

  • Telkom
  • Shield
  • Ballantine’s
  • IEC

African Language Stations offering:

As a national broadcaster, we are aware that we are the repository of memory and cultural exchange. Language purity sits at the core of our values because it is through language that we find our being and belonging. We help our clients with script interpretations and language treatment to appeal to the tastes and preferences of our diverse audiences.

Email Address: RapStudioBookings@sabc.co.za