About Ad-Venture Services

Ad-Venture was established to drive continuous value creation and to provide the fundamentals for robust growth to deliver sustainable value over the long-term. The mandate for Adventure is to diligently and consistently focus on revenue generation outside of traditional advertising platforms.

The focus of Adventure is to enhance the exploitation of the SABC’s vast asset base vested in its more than 3000 trademarks. Adventure also seeks to compound value into the SABC, to leverage the strengths of the great SABC platforms in partnerships with third parties and to expand the offering with product sales, payable content and lead generation. Adventure’s revenue performance areas include SABC VAS Mobile, Merchandising and Events as well as Media for Equity and Retail.

Business Purpose

  • To compound value
  • To leverage the strengths of the SABC’s trademarks, brands and audiences
  • To expand the offering into retail apparel, commercial events and lead generation
  • Develop sustainable alternative revenue streams
  • Grow the partner client base
  • Build SABC event properties
  • To improve on the SABC offering, create additional consumer touch points and make the SABC more competitive

Partnership Philosophy

  • Adventure transacts through alternative revenue channels, including mobile, licensing, white labelling, events, and retail merchandise
  • The channels trade through numerous partnerships and joint venture arrangements
  • This multi-channel distribution approach means that the SABC now services its business partners and audiences on air, online, on the ground and in store.
  • Adventure is successfully entering into partnerships and alliances with several partners in the financial services, retail, events and manufacturing industries
  • Adventure business is new
  • Most deals are traded on trademarks and airtime across both radio and television platforms

Adventure is succeeding in wring business and contracting with partners. Over the last six months Adventure has entered into successful partnerships with companies in financial services, manufacturing and digital mobile.


Trademark Licensing

Through the Licensing unit the SABC gives smaller businesses and individuals the opportunity to be on big advertising platforms to reach large audiences in exchange for revenue share agreements which benefits all parties involved.


The SABC is scaling up its portfolio of events across different target markets that will serve as activation platforms for clients and the platforms themselves.

Media for Equity

This is a brand new revenue stream for SABC. The SABC partners with service providers to create new products and services, then brands the new product with an SABC trademark.

SABC Mobile

Mobile VAS refers to the creative use of premium rated mobile channels to support (add value to) radio and television content programs/ advertisements/ channel promotions to create interactivity and audience participation or 2ndscreen activity through Downloads SMS USSD


The SABC is also in talks with retailers to produce and sell apparel branded with SABC brands, from clothing, to gadgets and all useful essentials.