Events are marketing opportunities for stations and constantly seek the right sponsors to align with.  SABC Radio offers personalised approach and a synergy between brand sponsor and event that will ensure a healthy return on investment (ROI) and a strong connection with the right target audience.With that said SABC constantly seek to partner with possible sponsors that align perfectly with each stations event or activations.

Eventsponsorship elicits both tangible and intangible benefits. Tangible assets include media placement and advertising value; opportunities for one-on-one engagement with a targeted audience who have already bought into the event by buying tickets to the event; lead generation; as well as the data and insights gathered post event that can be used by the sponsor to better understand its consumer base.

There are a host of intangible assets that provide additional value to the sponsors involved. These include the perks of being associated with the event itself, which build brand recognition and credibility among consumers; added value in the form of opportunities to form partnerships, promotion and mentions of the brand in media releases and other marketing collateral; reaching new customers by providing them with valuable content as well as opportunities to network with other  event attendees.


•Event headline sponsor
•Associate sponsor
•On the ground activation opportunities
•Branding opportunities at event
•Product sampling
•One on one engagements with target audience
•Give away moments on the ground and on air

Why OBs?

•The use of Outside Broadcasts assist in taking the brand to the consumer.
•OBs generate excitement and enthusiasm amongst the consumers/listeners.
•They offer the brand and the client an opportunity to interact, be experienced and thus

understood by the consumers/listeners.


•It encourages interactivity, connectivity between brand and consumers.
•When the listeners experience the brand, they are enticed to consume it or even try it.
•Consumers get a chance to mingle with the stations’ On-Air Personalities who are
•considered ICONS in the stations area of broadcast, so there is subtle endorsement that happens.
•Overall the use of OBs have a positive PR spin-offs and offers exclusivity – the are no
•competing brands (only the participating Client’s brand).
•During an OB, the image of the brand resonates with the image of the station or programme
•The brand’s spontaneous description immediately comes to life
•The association of the brand with fun, energy and entertainment becomes almost natural
•The station DJ’s are powerful personalities, immensely popular and widely respected.
•Generally they are regarded as role models and community icons