• Generic Ads

Client ads that’s either 25 sec, 30 sec, 45 sec and 60 sec

  • Stings

These are 10 sec ads

  • 10 sec Tops of Ad break or Tails

This is an ad that appears at the beginning of the ad break or at the end of the ad break

  • Opening & Closing Ad breaks

These are 10 sec ads that inform the viewer sponsorship ownership of the content. And appears at the beginning of the program and at the end of the program

  • Online

Website integration of the sponsorship with program and channel

  • Product placement

The visual integration of Branded Products into Content

  • 3 minute fillers / Vignette

These are an opportunity for brand/Product to tell a story about their offering in a prime position around content or channel

  • Advertiser Funded Program

A fully commercially funded program that meets platform and advertiser where SABC has editorial input but does not own the IP

  • Storyline Integration

The inclusion of advertisers product and services into the script of a piece of Content

  • Passive Product Placement

Brand/Product exposure is incidental and is not central point of contact in the scene. The product does not come into contact with the actor

  • Active Product Placement

Brand /Product exposure is more instructive involvement into the content and scene. The product may be mentioned and or handled by Actor in the scene

  • Squeeze back/L Board

This is a 10 sec ad that appears on the side of the screen and the content is minimized on TV

  • Maintenance Episodic Question Promo

This is a 10 sec /15 sec promos where you can have a competition question to the viewers