RAP Studios – Value Added Service

What we do

We do awesome radio…

We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what radio advertising can deliver and invest in new and exciting ways to enhance your campaigns.

We stay up to dated with the latest industry developments particularly in radio.
As a client, you will have full access to our experts teams of creatives, studio engineers, translators and professional voice over artists.
Our passion and knowledge of the media industry and radio in particular make us great at producing innovative radio/communication solutions and not just 30 seconds advertisements.
We offer our clients a platform to broadcast their communications on our mediums through seamless processes which comes across as part of ‘our content’ or as supported by ourselves.
What we offer
*Tailored made Radio ads ( Creative Radio Writing)
*Radio Promotions designed to achieve unmatched TSL
*360 Radio Concept creation
*Recording of Mini Radio Dramas
*Producing of Radio Features
*Radio Imaging
*Experts in African Languages
*Well kitted music and sound effect library
*Dedicated task team with 48 hours turn around time on briefs
*Sufficient and Substantial Voice bank
Why choose us
We understand the art of radio business
We pride ourselves on our ability to stay alert to all the opportunities radio can offer advertisers, while ensuring the best possible exposure.
We are experts in ALL South Africa language.
We believe in the power of radio, and  are committed to realising its full potential as an the most cost effective advertising medium, by developing integrated creative communications solutions that meet the objectives of both clients and the radio stations.