Digital Sponsorships

Please note material must be submitted 1 week before the start of the campaign date for uploads/posts scheduling. A PROPER CONTENT PLAN MUST BE SENT.

Material requirement for campaign

Online web Competition Page:

100 word advertorial/blurb – web mechanics/ call to action, T&C’s

Logo or image (profile pic) x 2(jpeg) static (300×169)width x height  Aspect ratio:16:9

Jpeg –high resolution file size= 1 meg

URL Link- to client landing page or Social media tags.

Competitions Name:
Schedule dates:


Social Media platforms Uploads(Facebook + Twitter)

All material must be translated in the stations language and content must be supplied by the client in an Excel (diary) format with dates and times of uploads.

A proper content plan needs to be sent so that we can schedule posts in advance with images and logos.

Material should be emailed 5 days before the start of the campaign.

Logo’s /Image

  • Webpage =  300px width x 169px Height
  • Facebook  = 1200px width x 630px Height
  • Twitter = 1024px Width x 512px Height

Aspect ratio: 16:9

Jpeg /png or a high resolution logo.

URL Links (click through)


Facebook=Short advertorial (500 characters) keep it simple-

File size -image jpeg format not more than ( 5 meg)

Twitter= 120 characters with an image or logo –File size: 5meg or 100kb (jpeg)


Display advertising

Banner ads on Homepage or Ros/Run of network.

Leaderboard: 728×90 (widthxheight) not more than 40 kb in pixels

Box: 300×250 (wxh)

Format: jpg / png

Supply a Click through url link


Or 3RD party tag for tracking